River Dee Explorer

£35.00 2 hours


XT-SUP will be increasing the number of participants in river lessons from three people to five as of Friday 10th July.
These can either be from the same household or different households.


In light of the current COVID19 situation, there are a few extra precautions which I have introduced to your lesson.

1) Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to participate in activities
2) If you, or any of the members of your household display any symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to your lesson, please contact me to reschedule.
3) The board and paddle you will be using will be spray-disinfected before use.
4) You will be provided with a bottle of hand sanitiser and a face mask for the duration of the lesson should you wish to use it at any time.
5) Recommended safe social distances will be maintained during the activity.
6) If self distancing cannot be maintained, PPE is provided to help mitigate any potential spread.

For more information, please visit www.gov.uk


This session is ideal as an introduction to stand up paddle boarding (SUP) or simply to escape from life for a couple of hours and get away from the crowds and modern distractions.


Note: This is a shared group activity. There is the possibility you will be sharing it with another paddler(s) and my time will be shared between you. If you would prefer an exclusive lesson for yourself/group, please contact me first and this can be arranged. Exclusive one to one sessions will be charged at the higher rate of £70.00 for one person.


This session is ideal as an introduction to stand up paddle boarding (SUP) or simply to escape from life for a couple of hours and get away from the crowds and modern distractions.

You will learn the basics of SUP, enough to get you standing up and paddling independently within about 15 minutes. The rest of the lesson, you will be easing in to your new mode of transport and feeling more comfortable as you progress.

Starting from Eccleston Ferry, we paddle south behind the private Grosvenor estate, where we leave the world behind and explore places only accessible from the water. We’ll paddle as far as we can before stopping for a short break to get off our boards and give your legs a little rest. Then we’ll head back to the start to complete the session.

Photos will be taken throughout the lesson for you to share your new found SUP skills with friends and family.

Sessions are weather dependent but do still happen if there is rain. They will be rescheduled if necessary due to heavy rain high winds.



We will be launching from Eccleston Ferry which is next to the Eaton estate.
Please arrive about 20 minutes before the lesson so we can get you signed in.
Parking is free but can be busy at weekends/bank holidays.
The address is:
Eccleston Ferry parking
This link will show you exactly in google maps:




Wear synthetic gym type clothing, top, etc to have as an extra layer, Something you don’t mind getting wet. I will be providing wetsuits and t-shirts for you to wear but if you have one of your own that you would prefer to wear then bring that too.
Old trainers (you don’t mind getting wet) or appropriate water sport shoes. Again you can wear synthetic socks too as an extra layer.
Optional water bottle.
Personal medication(s)
Towels to dry off with. A changing robe will be available if required.
Change of clothes for after the paddle.
Buoyancy aids will be provided but aren’t mandatory for adults.


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