XT-Sup was set up by Alex after trying Stand Up Paddle Boarding back in 2014 and completely falling in love with it. Since then I’ve been sharing the joy which is SUP, whether it be on a river, lake, canal the sea or swimming pool.

Sup is whatever you want it to be, but what you want it to be will change as you discover the different forms that it can take, whether it be a chilled post-work paddle as the sun goes down, an energetic paddle in the rolling waves to a day long adventure away from modern life.


Why choose XT-Sup?

Choosing XT-Sup means you’ll be learning with someone who has a genuine passion for Sup and will endevour to pass that passion on to you so you have an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are an individual, couple, group of friends or colleagues, XT-Sup can cater to everyone’s needs. One to one and group sessions are available indoor and outdoor around the North West so there is something to suit everyone from complete novice upwards.


Academy of Surf Instructors SUP level 1.
Academy of Surf Instructors water rescuer.
Level 3 first aider.